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Welcome to Dalmatian & Russian Toy Volshebny Mir Kennel

Volshebny Mir Kennel

VENDI MISTERI DRIM (Sonya) - the first Dalmatian has appeared at us in 2003, she's in the photo below with Alexandr Kurganovich and her daughter Amaliya Volshebny Mir. Sonia us acquainted with the beautiful breed Dalmatian.

Dalmatian is a universal dog, she is a loving friend of all members of the family, the right guard, as has a well-developed muscles, excellent scent and endurance. Originally Dalmatian were used for the protection of the coaches of the nobles, and then and coaches carrying valuable cargo.

Dalmatian is an excellent companion for walks, with an innate love for horses, he can indefinitely accompany the athlete or horse carriage, in modern life instead of horses can be used bike. In the mountains of strength, agility and endurance Dalmatian can help to overcome the hardest sections of track. In addition you do not run the risk of getting lost in unfamiliar areas, as Dalmatian has a wonderful intellect, intelligence and a great scent. Affection for the man and intelligence Dalmatian used for training dogs for people with disabilities.

 Dalmatian is an excellent hunter, having an excellent nose, a large running speed, agility and endurance, was an excellent assistant for hunting lovers. Especially interesting in the hunt manifest themselves Dalmatian living in the pack. They quickly on the hunt distribute duties between the: beater pursuing pray, ready to overtake her and knock down, the other dogs are moving parallel to the game with both sides, depriving it of room for maneuver, the most fast dog is far ahead of the game, sharply turns around and attacks her on the forehead, will cut his head and toss the game up like a ball and the whole pack instantly pounce on prey.

Spectacular color, beauty and grace made Dalmatian the participant of many of the show. A natural sense of rhythm and timing of the movements of the other participants did Dalmatian a great party freestyle. Agility, grace, endurance and a high rate made Dalmatian party agility.

Dalmatian has an excellent intelligence, so if you want to get a real friend and companion did not treat him like a silly toy. Dalmatian a great artist and will behave as you think about it. Dalmatian needs attention and communication, an energetic dog. If you give him little heed, he will try to bring him to her, find themselves in the most inopportune moment in places where it hinders you, while pretending to be enthusiastic, deaf, stupid and funny. But it is impossible for it all to indulge, in order not to raise domestic "terrorist". For love and understanding Dalmatian will become your loyal, clever and cheerful friend.

In September 2012 from the kennel Golden Queen (Rivne) we brought long-haired Russian toy Olivia Golden Queen, who conquered us with their charm and tireless energy.

In August of 2013, from the Kennel Pet Stail (Sankt-Petersburg, Russia), we brought a young cavalier, Russian toy (long) red with black Pet Stail Leonardo.

On the left picture on top of Larissa Kurganovich and Junior Grand Champion of Ukraine Pet Stail Leonardo. On the left picture in the center of Alexandr Kurganovich and Junior Grand Champion of Ukraine Pet Stail Leonardo. On the left picture on top of Alexandr and Larisa Kurganovich with Grand Champion of Ukraine Amaliya Volshebny Mir, this is the mother of our other dogs. On the right photo in the center of Larisa Kurganovich with Amaliya Volshebny Mir, Super Grand Champion of Ukraine Bellissima Bogema Volshebny Mir and her sister Baronessa Makedonskaya Volshebny Mir. At the bottom right of the photo Larisa Kurganovich with Champion of Ukraine Volshebny Mir Viva Donskaya Krasavitsa.

The owner of the Dalmatian & Russian Toy Volshebny Mir Kennel - a professional canine, FCI-Judge Larisa Kurganovich is always ready to provide consultations and assistance on growing, the care and upbringing of dogs.

Detailed information on the chronology of the events of the kennel, participation in dog shows, dogs kennel, their titles, and pedigree, and also see the photos of our dogs and graduates of the kennel, articles about the breed you can look at the other pages of the site.

Пмтомник Волшебный Мир, Kennel Volshebny Mir
Пмтомник Волшебный Мир, Kennel Volshebny Mir
Владельцы питомника Волшебный Мир Лариса и Александр Курганович, Гранд Чемпион Amaliya Volshebny Mir
Заводчик питомника Волшебный Мир Лариса Курганович, Amaliya, Baronessa Makedonskaya, Btlissima Bogema Volshebny Mir
Питомник Волшебный Мир, Александр Курганович, Vendi Misteri Drim, Amaliya Volshebny Mir
Заводчик питомника Волшебный Мир, эксперт FCI - Лариса Курганович и Volshebny Mir Viva Donskaya Krasavitsa

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